NEMO Fair ride along

KTVO took a personal ride along to get a firsthand look at the NEMO Fair.

At the 67th annual NEMO Fair, everyone has a story. That's never been more true than with Rayburn Snell, a member of the NEMO Fair Board.

"Iâ??ve been going to the fair for over 25 years and Iâ??ve been a fair board member for about 11," said Snell.

Talk to him for just a few minutes, and his love for the fair and the Heartland is apparent. He's quick to point out that the NEMO Fair is one of the best bangs for your buck in the entire state. His fondest memory is his daughter winning NEMO Fair Queen, but one of his favorite things about this time of year is seeing all the kids having a good time.

"My favorite thing would be the youth, watching the youth," Snell said. "Iâ??ve been seeing them since they were little bitty to where now they're adults and their kids are showing up. Thatâ??s rewarding."

Even after all these years, the fair is still adding events and amenities. After applying for a grant, the fair received new tables and benches. However, they're not your typical benches.

"Each one of the picnic tables and benches was put together by a 4-H group or an FFA group," Snell explained. "The kids got to experience building the tables. So this really went over well. Theyâ??ve done a good job and we're very proud of them."

There's also no chance of going hungry at the NEMO Fair. Sixteen vendors are taking part to make sure all attendees are stuffed and satisfied. Rayburn is quick to mention that his favorite indulgence is chicken on a stick, but with so many options, for others it may not be so easy to decide.

"We got a wide variety this year. We got BBQ, Chinese, funnel cakes, hamburgers, hot dogs, tenderloins. And of course youâ??ve got kettle corn. Thereâ??s a lot of memories here."

The fair runs through Saturday. For a complete list of performers and events click here.