NEMO Heart Health is supporting FLATS

A major Heartland project gets some additional support.

At Monday afternoon's NEMO Heart Health board meeting, the Forest Lake Area Trail System committee presented an update on the FLATS Project that will build a trail from Kirksville to Thousand Hills State Park.

The board voted to endorse the project.

Board members said that this trail will help meet the group's goal of getting Kirksville to be a more healthy community.

"We all know an active lifestyle leads to a healthier lifestyle. The FLATS project, once completed, will allow people to become more active and give them another outlet in which they can do that," said NEMO Heart Health Board Member Troy Mihalevich.

NEMO Heart health is unsure how they will contribute to the FLATS Project but will help to support flats any way it can.

Phase 1 of the project is underway and is set to be completed by this fall.

Phase 2 planning will take place next spring.