Never leave these items inside a hot car

When the hot summer sun beats down on your car, the temperature inside heats up fast and on a scorching day the interior inside the car can quickly reach 140 degrees, which is why parents should never leave their children in a hot car. And while there may not be life or death consequences, you could be headed for trouble if you leave medication or your electronics in your vehicle. An expert at ETC ComputerLand in Kirksville said prolong exposure to heat can slow down your devices.

Chris Wilken Support Specialist said the electronic parts can also become dangerous. "The battery that's in those is only made to operate in certain temperatures and it can get too hot and expand,â?? Wilken said.

Wilken said when they expand sometimes they can catch on fire. And, those plastic water bottles you drink from? Chemicals from the bottle leach into the water more quickly when the plastic is heated.

But, what might be the most hazardous thing to leave in the car are medications. Alice Allinson Pharmacist and Owner of Elliott Pharmacy in Kirksville said they should be kept at room temperature. "The manufactures excursions on these say anywhere from 59 to 86 degrees, so your car gets far hotter than 86 degrees in the summer time so you need to make sure you keep your medications with you at all times,â?? Allinson said.

If your medication was exposed to excessive heat talk to your pharmacist and see what he or she recommends. Wilken said if you have to leave your electronics in your car for a long period of time, put them out of the direct sunlight on the floor board.