New 911 communications tower to be complete in late January

A new 911 communications tower will be completed in late January, located near the Ottumwa Central Fire Station.

At the end of January, Wapello County will have a new communications tower located just west of the Ottumwa Central Fire Station.

The current communications tower is located on the roof of the former St. Josephâ??s Hospital; which is scheduled for demolition.

The Wapello County Board of Supervisors will be approving the order of the new communications tower at this weekâ??s board meeting.

â??Once we give the order on Tuesday, they will order the tower which will take about six weeks; but there is a lot of work they can do prior to being able to even putting up the tower. They have to pour the footing, poor the slab for the building that is there; so, a lot of things will be done prior to receiving the tower,â?? said Wapello County Supervisor Jerry Parker.

The new tower should be completed by January 30th.

Parker says that the Wapello County Sheriffâ??s Office, Wapello County Roads Department and Ottumwa Regional Health Center will all be using the new tower, as well as other organizations.