New addition to Novinger waste water plant

Novinger's new UV Light Station will be put on line on the city waste water plant in April.

The city of Novinger has completed a project and without any debt to the city.

At the beginning of April, the city's new UV Light Station will be put on line at the city waste water plant. Construction was completed late last year.

The station will be the final stage for treatment to complete waste water process before water is discharged into Spring Creek.

"It means one less thing we have to worry about for the next 5-7 years. We know that more requirements are coming from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Natural Resources. We have to plan ahead for that rather than waiting for that moment. For right now, this is something we needed to get taken care of in the infrastructure of the city," said City of Novinger Mayor Jeff Dodson.

The total cost of the project was $85,000.

It was all paid off thanks to careful planning and saving over the last several years.

The station will only run during the recreational season. That runs from April 1 through October 31.