New agreement concerning 10-15 transit expected to move forward

A new agreement between several southeast Iowa counties is being finalized concerning 10-15 transit.

The board that oversees the transit service is in the process of approving and signing a new 28-E agreement with the counties that participate in the service.

Within the last year, Lee County decided they did not want to be apart of 10-15 transit, thus leaving a financial burden and legal burden on the remaining counties.

As the county supervisors that sit on the 10-15 transit board work things out between 10-15 and Lee County, one supervisor is already focusing on the future of the service.

â??We are aware, all of us on the 10-15 transit board, that we have to enhance the services that are available to our constituents. One, for our own survivability, and two, because there is a disparity in the amount of services that are being provided by the counties,â?? stated Jefferson County Supervisor Lee Dimmitt.

Dimmitt says that he and the other supervisors are already looking to expand 10-15.

â??So we are looking to reach out to Wayne County, Lucas County, Monroe County, and to enhance services here in Jefferson County. Whether it is a Wal-Mart shuttle, or a Saturday shopping shuttle somewhere else, or anything we can do to increase ridership for us and services for the constituents and the people that need it,â?? said Dimmitt.