New airport director no stranger to Kirksville

An Army veteran, aviation trainer, and Deputy Assistant Commandant is now the new Kirksville Regional Airport Director.
Glenn Balliew first day as director is August 26.

He said during his job interview he did discuss making some changes to the airport, but he said for the first few months his main focus will be on administration.
â??For the first 60 to 90 days my plan is to get into the administrative piece of the airport â?¦ to meet with the staff, to meet with the management of Cape Air, TSA, and the FAA and all the support pieces the city provides and to make sure I got my hands around the Part 139 piece of that airport,â?? Balliew said. â??Once I get through that there's some initial training that I have to go through. Then, we will sit down and do some analysis and do some research on some possible new changes to increase the revenue, but I really believe if it's not broke don't fix it.â??

He said he can see that the airport has been a great success for the local community.
â??David Hallâ??s success out there is obviously documented,â?? Balliew said. â??He put a lot of time and effort into the airport to build it to where it is today. The fact that his staff has been able to keep that airport moving forward in his absence is a great testament to them. And, also the partnership that Kirksville has with Cape Air has been a huge success.â??

Balliew is no stranger to Kirksville.
His wife grew up here and he said they were planning on moving to Kirksville before the job opened up. He said he is looking forward to serving the city and the people of Kirksville in the airport director position.

â??To us this is coming home,â?? Balliew said.