New amphitheater adds to Milan's downtown

An amphitheater is being added to the downtown square in Milan.

If you haven't been to Milan in a while, you're missing out on its facelift.

The downtown square in Milan is adding something new, an amphitheater. Although it's still a work in progress, construction is moving right along.

Milan City Administrator James Onello tells us they're expecting the amphitheater to seat about 150 people and they're ready to start having live entertainment on the square.

"Well, ultimately we're going to have an amphitheater. We're working on our seating right now," said Onello. "Next week we're going to start with a steel structure and we'll have a roof over the entire stage."

Onello says they're expecting the project to be completed in the next few weeks, if the weather cooperates.

Milan is also replacing sidewalks downtown.. Onello says he thinks this new amphitheater will be a nice addition to the Milan downtown area.