New bike trail to open soon in Memorial Park

Memorial Park Bike Trail

A new biking trail is just about complete.

Construction began last November in Memorial Park in Ottumwa. The biking trail goes four miles in a continuous loop, and has sections bikers can veer off on based on biking abilities. There will be multiple trailheads in Memorial Park on both the Elm Street side and Jefferson Street side, so riders will be able to start at a few different places in the park. Signage is posted directing bikers to an easy, intermediate or more difficult biking course. Volunteers have been working on the trail in their free time. They hope to have the trail open to the public by June 1.

â??It's really been a community effort,â?? Mountain Bike Enthusiast Steve Carroll said. â??We've had church groups help out. We've had the Ottumwa football team out here a couple times and the local Boy Scout troop was out here, so there's been a lot of help that's been able to get us to the place where we are at right now.â??

Mountain bike enthusiasts hope to eventually expand the course, makingit a six mile trail, but that probably wonâ??t happen until sometime next year.