New business opens in downtown Ottumwa

Tuesday was the grand opening of O-Town Gift and Thrift in downtown Ottumwa

Main Street Ottumwa has made one of their goals to be revamping the look and feel of downtown Ottumwa. Several buildings, including the KMGO building next to Appanoose Rapids, have gotten a facelift in the last couple of weeks.

And Tuesday was the grand opening of one new business on Main Street: O-Town Gift and Thrift.

The store is a mix between a second-hand store and a thrift shop.

KTVO caught up with a few of the storeâ??s employees; they said their hope is that O-Town Gift and Thrift will be the start of a new and improved downtown Ottumwa.

â??My dad -- he's been thinking about opening one of these and our neighbor Donny had one down in Bloomfield and the time was just right and they got a good deal on the building. They're just trying to see how it goes. They think downtown will come back to life one of these days and they kind of want to get it started,â?? said Cody Houk, the ownerâ??s son.

O-Town Gift and Thrift is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.

The store has everything from furniture to NASCAR collectibles.