New changes for Cardinal Community School Distict

Cardinal Community School Districtâ??s first day of school is on Wednesday and students will be seeing some new changes.

While Cardinal students were enjoying their summer vacation, their school district was getting a total makeover.

The paint in the hallways is still fresh and the new cafeteria is almost ready for lunchtime.

â??I just think the projects -- hopefully thereâ??s an increase sense of pride in the district as far as the community, parents, students and just give our district more of a professional look,â?? said Joel Pedersen, Cardinal Superintendent.

Not only is the look of the district changing but also the curriculum, all through the use of technology. They will be moving from laptops to Android Tablets.

â??Basically we're working with Android Tablets to basically be able to push a lot of our content through a thing called a "curriculum cloud" -- basically be able to have teachers available to push, whether it's videos, whether its PDF's, whether it may be some other type of digital content to the students individual devices and the students will actually be able to send content back to their teachers through the devices also. So this will be brand new,â?? said Pedersen.

Pedersen said that they have been working hard with staff, as every staff member has different levels of change.

â??So we're trying to really basically support our teachers that need more instruction, more learning, and let our other teachers that are ready to go, proceed -- how comfortable they feel. So weâ??re kind of trying to differentiate, basically trying to give them different levels of support if they need that,â?? said Pedersen.