New changes for Fairfield Community Schools District

Fairfield Community Schools District Superintendent Art Sathoff told KTVO that the district will be seeing a lot of new changes this school year that will benefit both students and teachers.

â??We have a big middle school lighting and h-fact project which is nearing completion. Theyâ??re completing the work around the students. As weâ??re going along everyone is having to be flexible and cooperative there but that's going to be great. That's going to provide much improved air quality and air-conditioning and heating and cooling for the middle school,â?? said Sathoff

The Lincoln Center is now home to the Regional Career Academy which opened this fall that will be offering three strands of college credit for students helping them with college and career readiness.

â??We also have a Young House Behavior Center which is something we havenâ??t had before at the Lincoln Center to serve students in 5-12 which will cut down on our bussing of students to other districts and help with transitions. We have our preschool under the same roof as Washington Elementary for the first time this year. So thatâ??s been a transition as well and we're gearing up to make sure that on our site visit next school year that we meet the Iowa Quarterly Standards for preschool programs,â?? said Sathoff.

Sathoff said he wants to continue to focus on student achievement.

The district just released the ACT scores of the high school, the best the district has seen in 12 years Sathoff said. He added that the scores far exceeded the state average.

â??Itâ??s an exciting time for Fairfield schools. Weâ??re working hard to improve the educational experience for students and we're excited to be able to do that and Iâ??m excited to be able to help lead some of those changes,â?? said Sathoff.