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      New changes to what you can recycle at Macon Diversified Industries

      A Heartland recycling facility made some changes this week on what it will accept.

      The Macon County Sheltered Workshop/Macon Diversified Industries is no longer taking plastics with the resin codes 3 through 7. Those can be found on the bottom or sides of a product within a triangle symbol.

      This change is due to the space constraints and the limited number of employees.

      Plastics with the resin codes 1 and 2 will still be taken since they are easier and more profitable to recycle.

      "Plastics 1's and 2's have a better dollar value. They are more recyclable. Items such as aluminum beverage cans, water bottles, soda bottles...things like that. Plastics 1's and 2's we'll continue taking because they do have a dollar value for us while 3-7's are not as valuable," said Macon Diversified Industries Supervisor Dede Spidle.

      The recycling center is still taking paper. If it is shredded, put it in a bag to avoid littering.

      No glass bottles are being accepted, and of course hazardous or chemical waste is not accepted.

      If you want more information call (660) 385-3111.