New Civil War Headstones dedicated at Forest Llewellyn Cemetery

Residents in downtown Kirksville Sunday afternoon may have heard cannon fire coming from Forest Llewellyn Cemetery. It was all part of a Civil War dedication ceremony.

Muskets broke the silence Sunday afternoon alerting the presence of newly set Civil War head stones which were replaced by the 2nd Missouri Company K along with the John McNeil Camp and Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War.

Mark Garr, his daughter Kaitlea and son Ian, helped put the stones in place and is proud to be involved with the dedication. "It's been interesting my son and daughter are learning more about history and what it is to you know remember people that's fought for our brave and our history and that's where we stand right now," Garr said.

Mark says his company had to contact the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs to initiate the process for the 13 stones which he estimates took about 14 months to complete.

It's truly a family experience as daughter Kaitlea enjoyed being involved. "I love doing it because actually on one of the stones I found somebody's headstone underneath the ground and we kept on digging that up. We don't have all of it yet, but pieces of it," Kaitlea said.

A good crowd was on hand to relive a part of the area's history, including Joseph Berg, who was impressed with the soldiers sacrifice. "It sounded like it was gonna be good and we care for the people that spent their lives for us," Berg said.

Honoring their memory is something Mark Garr hopes the public will always remember. "They can see what actually happened. The difference between both sides we all became as one as a country and try to bring peace with everybody."