New comprehensive plans for Ottumwa forecast growth

Zoning and Planning meeting held at the Bridge View Center

Ottumwaâ??s Zoning and Planning Department and local developers are revising their comprehensive plan for the city.

Taking 2010 census data in consideration, city officials and RDG Planning & Design held a public design workshop at the Bridge View Center. They are updating the city's plans in terms of both commercial and residential development. Some of the goals are to get the housing market moving again by preserving existing neighborhoods and building new homes, and then ultimately transforming Ottumwa into a place people want to work and live.

â??The short term goal is to actually create momentum in the housing market and in neighborhood revitalization,â?? Marty Shukert, Principal of RDG Planning and Design said. â??The plan will be quite specific about places where these can happen and even what those neighborhoods might look like.â??

Another topic of discussion and more of a long-term goal is the possibility of developing a sports complex, in hopes of attracting tourists and ultimately generating revenue for the city upon its establishment. Where to build the complex is an item for debate once more when RNG and city planners meet again in June.