New councilman working to improve Ottumwa

Ottumwa City Hall

New city councilman Skip Stevens has been keeping busy since he was sworn in at the beginning of the year.

He says thus far it's been a great opportunity working alongside Mayor Tom Lazio and the other city council members. After over four decades working for the city, Stevens says he now spends much of his time talking to people in the community. One issue he's passionate about is talking a look at the city's zoning ordinances and possibly making some changes to those.

â??There's areas that are probably zoned improperly as to what they need to be today," Stevens said. â??For instance, we're gonna have on the agenda here soon, I think it's about the 16 or 18 hundred block of East Main, there's a pre-shaped piece of ground there that really didn't fit what needed to be there, so I think {City Planning and Development Director} Nick Klimek is going to change that and bring it before the council.â??

Next for Stevens is focusing on a more long term priority, which is working to improve the appearance of the community.