New doctor joins staff at Davis County Hospital

Davis County Hospital welcomed Dr. Ugo Akoma to its staff this week as a family practice/obstetrics physician.

Dr. Akoma is originally from Nigeria and first became interested in medicine working at a missionary hospital in his small, rural hometown in eastern Nigeria. He has since then practiced medicine in Illinois, Indian and California and at the University of Arkansas and the Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center in New Jersey.

Dr. Akoma comes to Bloomfield with his wife and four children. He said he was attracted to Bloomfield not only for the town's potential and good school system, but also the strong ties amongst the community.

"When I came here, this fulfilled everything I wanted in a practice," Dr. Akoma said. "The practice setting, the ability to do the whole aspect of family medicine, I wanted to be a family physician as it is meant to be. So being able to do out-patient, in-patient, obstetrics, medicine, it's just something you don't find -- it's unique about this place, there might be other places, but to me this was unique where you have the whole array of family medicine that you're allowed to practice or privileged to practice. I fell in love with the place and I fell in love with the people."

Dr. Akoma added that a doctor in a bigger city is just one number, but in a place like Davis County Hospital, you see the heart and humanity of medicine and it is a wonderful place to work.

He said he is most looking forward to making those strong ties with the community and becoming invested in his patients.