New food creations now offered at Davis County Fair

Pork nachos are just one new food item now offered at the Davis County Fair.

Visitors to the Davis County Fair in Bloomfield will now get to try some new fair delicacies besides the usual funnel cake thanks to students in an advanced health and consumer sciences class at the Davis County High School.

The Davis County Pork Producers teamed up with the class to create three new items for the fair. Although the high school has helped serve food at the pork producers food stand at the fair, this was the first time for the new item contest.

The students had to consider cost and the difficulty of making items in mass quantities. The pork producers decided on three items for this yearâ??s fair â?? a pork kabob, pulled pork nachos, and the baconator. You can still get all the items at the fair, but the pork kabob is only being sold on Wednesday.

Davis County High School Family and Consumer Science teacher Katy Houston says people are enjoying the new fair foods.

"I think the community's really excited about new products and it's supporting students and it's been a really good learning experience for kids," she said.

Next year will probably bring a new competition, but it looks like the baconator has a good chance of being a permanent menu addition.