New hires mean changes for the Wapello County Jail

The new assistant administrator at the Wapello County Jail is the first female to ever hold the position, but Sheriff Mark Miller says Sasha Busemanâ??s gender has nothing to do with why she got the job.

The department wanted to promote from within, and while several candidates applied for the position, Buseman comes with almost four years of experience as a correctional officer in the jail. Sheriff Miller says the 25-year-old assistant administrator. who started training this week, expresses strong leadership skills and has consistently been a good employee.

â??Iâ??m going to be managing the staff and operating the facility,â?? Buseman said. â??I'm really excited to introduce and explore new ways to make the jail more efficient, effective and save costs.â??

â??We're just excited to have her as part of the management team and hope to get a lot of things accomplished and have some fresh, young new ideas and just get the ball rolling and get the job done,â?? Sheriff Miller said.

Miller says they are currently hiring a new female correctional officer to fill Busemanâ??s vacancy.

The former assistant jail administrator Chris Swope took the role of jail administrator following Jeremy Weller's departure in June. Chris Swope has 13 years of tenure with the jail organization. He says the transition has been busy and stressful at times, but he is excited for all of the constructive changes to come.

â??I think were heading in the right direction towards the future,â?? Swope said. "We have a good sheriff, chief deputy, jail administrator and now we have a very good assistant, and I think we're on the right track and looking forward to the future.â??