New Jersey business relocating to Centerville

Shark Fin Shears, now located in New Jersey, will soon move to Centerville.

A business located in New Jersey will soon be coming to Centerville, bringing 10-15 new jobs along with it.

Shark Fin Shears makes professional shears for hair stylists and salons. The owner, Randy Ferman, was drawn to Appanoose County originally for its hunting opportunities. Ferman built a house in the area and is now relocating his entire business to the heartland.

The business will be located in the industrial park, built on land currently used for agriculture and farming. Ideally, construction would break ground on April 1st, 2013.

Shark Fin Shears will hire 15 people over the next few years with salaries above the county average wage, which boosts economic development in Centerville. But Ferman's enthusiasm about the people and the area says a lot about Appanoose County.

"The fact that he's going to be hiring new people, paying them well, that's great for our community as well," said Tod Faris, Executive Director of the Appanoose County Development Corporation. "But the other thing that speaks highly of it is he said he's just felt like this is home. He said he's never lived in the Midwest before, he's always lived in the east, but he says it just feels like home."

The city of Centerville could also potentially help Ferman's business grow. At Monday's city council meeting, Faris will present to the council an application for the Economic Development Set-Aside Program through the Iowa Economic Development Authority. The application, if approved by the city and accepted, could provide government funding to get the business on its feet.

Faris said Ferman is also looking to open a second business once relocated to the area; a hunting company called Extreme Hunting Solutions, which Faris said goes hand-in-hand with the AEDC's goal of promoting hunting and nature in Appanoose County.