New laws for Missouri drivers

The Missouri State Highway Patrol wants drivers to become aware of some new laws.

As of August 28th, new changes have been made or added to driving laws across the Show-Me-State.

One of them includes the well known "Move Over" Law which requires drivers to slow down or change lanes when emergency services personnel are on the shoulder when their vehicles have red or blue flashing lights on.

Now the law has added the Missouri Department of Transportation or MoDOT vehicles and are now asking drivers to be extra careful when the see those white or amber flashing lights on.

"It's just an extra protection for those people that are working in close proximity to the roadway and are trying to provide a service to the motoring public," said Sergeant Brent Bernhardt of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Other new laws that were added included the road use of off-highway vehicles and a change in who can accompany drivers with a learners permit.

For more information on these new driving laws here are the links to part one and part two from the Missouri State Highway Patrol's website.