New learning tool in Cardinal School District

The Promethean Tables have been used for the past few months in the kindgergarten and pre-school classes in the Cardinal School District

The kids are calling it a big I-Pad but itâ??s actually called a Promethean Table.

It is an interactive board that is being used in kindergarten classes at Cardinal Elementary School in Eldon.

Teachers say the Promethean Table helps the students to problem-solve together.

Currently, the students are working on CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) on the table and itâ??s a big hit with the students.

â??You can play games on it and itâ??s fun and you can do puzzles too,â?? said kindergartener Erika Haines.

â??They love it. They are really excited to come to group with me when we've been working on it. I'm not comfortable to let them do it on their own quite yet so Iâ??ve been working with them in groups but they're really excited to come back and work at the table with me,â?? said Laura Wilkinson, kindergarten teacher.

The Promethean Tables are used in the pre-school classes and are scaled to their age group.