New median crossover on US 63 open to public

Mo-DOT and business owners celebrate new median crossover on US 63 south of Kirksville.

A new median crossover on US 63 south of Kirksville is finally complete and open for drivers to utilize.

A ribbon cutting ceremony took place early Friday morning to celebrate the new addition.

Federal and county officials along with Missouri Department of Transportation and business owners were on hand for the ceremony.

The project included construction a median crossover, and adding a southbound left turn lane at Admire Evergreen located between MO Route 11 and Dogwood Lane.

The Transportation Project Manager said there was some concern from emergency personnel that they would be unable to get to an emergency on the fly over quickly enough and so they asked Mo-DOT to consider building a median crossover.

At the same time some of the business owners just south of there asked for a median opening for their customers.

â??The convenience of having the access and direct entrance for our customers is wonderful as we have more people within our store,â?? said Kayla and Matt Belt, owners of Admire Evergreen. â??We worked with emergency personnel as well as Mo-DOT and hopefully this is a win-win situation for all that is involved.â??

The project is the result of a cost share between Mo-DOT and the business owners at that location to provide an emergency turnaround and accommodate ease of access for their customers.

â??About a year and a half to two years ago, I worked with the people of Mo-DOT and then they worked with business owners and together they developed a project to get this thing open," said Missouri State Representative, Nate Walker. â??So when people drive from Kirksville they can drive directly into this business, and when they come from the south they can drive directly in so it's a great thing.â??

The project took about a month to complete. The contractor on the project was W.L. Miller Co. out of Hamilton, Illinois and cost $136,882.90 to complete.