New Mexico man brings marijuana legalization crusade to town

Marijuana legalization efforts are picking up steam across the country.

For some though, the state-by-state legalization effort is not moving fast enough.

A Farmington, New Mexico man, who prefers to be known as 420 Jim, brought his one-man crusade to Kirksville Monday.

He is traveling across the country gathering signatures on a petition asking that recreational marijuana be legalized nationally.

We asked Jim why this issue is worth such a monumental effort.

â??It's like Martin Luther King had a dream. I literally woke up and said, 'you know, you can't do it state by state.' So this is 420 Jim's dream," 420 Jim said.

Judging by visitors to Jim's brightly painted RV, it's a dream he shares with others.

Five people stopped and signed his petition before he even finished setting up his display in Kirksville Monday.

If you want to help out the cause, or just chat about the issue in general, 420 Jim says he plans to be in town through Tuesday evening.