New numbers released show the Bridge View's finances are improving

A week ago, the executive director of Ottumwaâ??s Bridge View Center went before the Ottumwa City Council to give an update on the facilities financial situation. And according to new numbers released from Venu Works, the operator of Bridge View, things are looking up.

â??A lot of good research and a lot of trial and error,â?? said Larry Gawronski, when referring to the centerâ??s success since the management company he works for has taken over the facility.

â??Weâ??re proud to say that the actual subsidy the city had to come up with was $241,291. That is a savings to the city of over $170,000,â?? Gawronski said.

In just the past year, Bridge View has been making money, not only for the city, but for the local economy as well. More than $2.2 million has been pumped into Ottumwaâ??s economy because of events taking place at the facility.

â??With the money that it generates, in the people who spend money outside of this building, as well as in how much is retained in the economic model in the community at $2.256 million, that is nearly 10 times what they subsidized the building for,â?? Gawronski said.

The team at Bridge View says that events like the TNA Wrestling match that takes place Saturday evening, is one reason over 67,000 people visited the facility in just the past year.

â??That brings in people from outside the economic model as well as inside and generates a lot of public vibe,â?? Gawronski said.

The management team wants more of that vibe in Ottumwa. In fact, Gawronski will be sending his media coordinator out on the road, in order to bring back more business to Ottumwa.

â??We hope to generate maybe a half-dozen leads that we can bring into Ottumwa and do a â??Famâ?? tour, which is a familiarization tour of the inventory of hotel properties, the amenities that the meeting and convention space would have, and support spousal things that can happen for families, husbands and wives while they are here at a convention,â?? Gawronski said.

Venu Works says that Bridge View has come a long way since last year, and they are looking forward to this new fiscal year.