New Ottumwa mayor, councilmembers sworn into office

Bob Meyers, Matt Dalbey and Skip Stevens are sworn into the Ottumwa City Council

It was a special city council meeting Tuesday evening.

Two new city councilmembers and the next mayor of Ottumwa, Tom Lazio, were sworn into office in the Council Chambers at City Hall. Before the council went over the items on the agenda at the Tuesdayâ??s regular meeting, Iowa District Associate Court Judge Kirk Daily swore in newly voted-in council members Bob Meyers, who was re-elected for a third-term and newcomers Skip Stevens and Matt Dalbey.

â??You know, just having my second child, I thought it was really important to try to make the place better, improve it, get some more jobs here, and so my kids, and the citizensâ?? kids, you know and the future generations will have good jobs and be able to stay here instead of move away,â?? Dalbey said.

â??I'm high on the appearance of the community,â?? Stevens said. â??I want to see what we can do to change the appearance of the community, and that we can work with all the entities involved, and we can make Ottumwa better and move forward.â??

The newly sworn-in council members and Mayor Tom Lazio will begin their terms in January.