New playground may be coming to Kirksville

Kirksville community members are asking for help to build a new playground.

The Northeast Missouri Inclusion Project is a grassroots campaign that is hoping to establish a free public playground where all kids can play together. The playground will feature a surface similar to Astro-Turf, which will make accessibility easy for both children and parents in wheelchairs.

The playground that is planned for construction will feature a broad array of equipment specifically designed to be used by kids of all ability levels. If enough money is raised, the playground is planned to be built near the Kirksville YMCA.

"We need an accessible playground here in Kirksville where all kids can play together. Kids in wheelchairs, kids with cochlear implants, kids with all different challenges," said Becky Pike, of the Northeast Missouri Inclusion Project.

The Northeast Missouri Inclusion Project is asking for letters of support to be sent to city officials in order to help raise funds. If interested in writing a letter, please address your letter to the Adair County Commission or email by April 18th.