New policy to help preserve structure of Kirksville streets

The City of Kirksville has implemented a new policy to help preserve the structure and safety of streets.

The policy will help maintain the flow of water within the city's storm water system. That system includes driveway culverts, ditches, storm water sewers and storm water channels. Property owners are encouraged to contact the Public Works Department if their driveway culverts need to be replaced. Both public and private properties will be affected by the policy.

"It's a drainage maintenance policy. It better defines the limits between private drainage facilities and public drainage facilities and how to maintain all of the drainage facilities around the city," said Alan Griffiths, Kirksville Public Works Director.

Griffiths says he hopes this policy will help preserve city streets and control the flow of water. If you need to install or replace a driveway culvert, contact the Kirksville Public Works Department. That department can be reached at (660) 627-1291