New regulation passed has some pet owners upset

A new regulation regarding pit bulls within the city limits of Kirksville has many owners upset.

Pit bulls are now considered a restricted animal and must confine to regulations. In order for an owner to keep their pet within city limits would need to go to the Kirksville Police Department to register their dog. All owners of pit bull dogs must provide proof to the city of public liability insurance in a single incident amount of one hundred thousand dollars. Most people can get this insurance through their home owners insurance.

This information is then sent to the Codes Department in Kirksville to verify the dog has a securely enclosed five foot fenced in yard. All the gates must have a lock and key or combination lock. If this is not present the dog must be on a leash, and can not be tied to an inanimate object such as a tree.

The American Kennel Club puts on a program called the Canine Good Citizen Program. If the owner of the pit bull can show proof of certification to the Kirksville Police Department that their dog participated in this program, their dog can be exempt.

If an owner of a pit bull can not meet all the requirements or show proof of certification the animal would not be allowed in the city. They would have to give it up or move from the city.

Brad Selby, Codes and Planning Director in the city of Kirksville says, We got a lot of input from the citizens on this subject, and I think we ended up with something that is in the middle of the road. I think it works for the public TMs protection, but it still allows people to keep their pets.Kirksville is not the only city setting regulations on pit bull dogs. Macon, Unionville and Ottumwa have a complete ban on all pit bulls.

For additional information on the new pit bull regulations contact the Kirksville Police Department, the Codes Department at Kirksville City Hall, or visit information on the Canine Good Citizen Program.