New requirements for dog breeders

Senate Bill 113 will take effect in Missouri on Sunday, adding additional requirements for dog breeders. The bill is also known as the Canine Cruelty Prevention Act.

In March of this year, the Missouri Senate voted to approve SB 113. The bill was sponsored by Sen. Mike Parson and was introduced to repeal some of the mandates included in Proposition B.

Missouri voters approved the highly debated Prop. B, also known as the Puppy Mill Initiative, in November 2010. Information from Missouri Secretary of StateCurrently the law prohibits anyone from having more than 50 dogs when their purpose is for breeding puppies to be sold. SB 113 eliminates this prohibition.The bill states, "Additionally, the act creates the crime of canine cruelty, a Class C misdemeanor, which occurs when someone repeatedly violates the ACFA or Canine Cruelty Prevention Act in such a manner that poses a substantial risk to the health and welfare of animals in the person's custody or when someone violates an agreed-to remedial order involving the safety and welfare of the animals."It will also become a Class A misdemeanor for anyone licensed, or required to have a license, under the ACFA to keep animals stacked in cages where there is no "impervious layer between cages, except if cleaning the cages."See more on this story from our sister station KHQA.