New route schedule for Ottumwa Transit goes into effect

A new route schedule for Ottumwa Transit went into effect on Tuesday.

As a way to deal with budget cuts, OTA has eliminated Saturday services. This is now in effect. About a month ago, Ottumwa Transit's administrator told us 10-15 Transit will soon be able to provide transportation services on Saturdays instead.

Ottumwa Public Information Officer Tom Rodgers says Ottumwa Transit will now go back to its old Monday through Friday routes.

"Really transit services have reverted to what we call the old routes," Rodgers said. "These were the routes that were in effect prior to last summer for the most part. The familiar north and south residential and east routes there have been after small changes to accommodate some new developments, but really these routes are what folks remember from years past."

Next, money saved by cutting Saturday services will be used to hire more drivers and purchase more buses to handle the new routes.