New sign for Rotary Park

The City of Kirksville and the Kirksville Rotary Club are teaming up to create a new sign for Rotary Park.

Those driving in Kirksville along Baltimore Street will see a large new sign near the park.

Both the city and the Rotary Club are exploring the option of creating a monumental sign that highlights all of the parks features.

Rotary member John Nolan said the sign is going to be in front of the drainage culvert, just south of the Veteranâ??s Memorial. He said it will stand about 28 feet tall.

â??This project is really unique,â?? Nolan said. â??We're trying to bring collaboration between all the rotary club members â?¦ (by) bringing pieces of natural stone from their property or farms together and actually construct the base of the sign from out of the stone. Itâ??s kind of a way we can highlight the great park we have right here on 63.â??

Nolan said right now they are contracting out the design and the construction of the sign.

He said the Rotary Club has allotted funds for this project.