New sign unveiled in Agency

The new sign in Agency was unveiled last Friday

Take the exit to Agency on Hwy 34 and youâ??ll notice something new driving into the town: a new sign.

The sign was installed last Friday but it has been in the works since last spring all thanks to the city clerk Cindy VanAntWerp.

She approached the city council about looking at putting in a new city sign at the location that itâ??s at now.

Designs for the sign were put into the city newsletter and members of the community chose the one designed by Steve Huffman of Dream Scapes.

â??I think it shows pride in the community. They were excited to have something to show off the area and since it is known for the Chief Wapello Gravesite as well, we thought it would be a nice way to kind of incorporate that an heighten awareness for the park as well,â?? said VanAntWerp.

The sign features Chief Wapello holding an arrow. The city is home to Chief Wapelloâ??s gravesite.

VanAntWerp said the feedback from the community has been very positive and she is very happy with how the sign turned out.