New trees and programs are coming to Kirksville parks

Plans are underway to beautify some city parks in Kirksville.

The Kirksville Lakes, Parks, and Recreation Committee met Tuesday afternoon at City Hall.

New business that was discussed included recent renovations at North Park, plans for the upcoming spring dinner theater, easter egg hunt, plus the upcoming summer opening of the Aquatic Center.

But one of the biggest things on the agenda...planting new trees at Brashear, Memorial, and P.C. Mills Parks.

"There's a couple of reasons to do this. One is to fill in the canopy of trees and provide a nice shade and park atmosphere. The second is to give us a guide. People want to do projects and plant trees in parks. We do get requests. It's nice to have a plan and know which trees will give us a good diversity species in the parks," said Kirksville Assistant City Manager.

The committee approved all three plans which now go to city council for final approval.

Another project that is in the works is the "Missouri Children in Nature Challenge" which helps kids get outside and get involved in nature friendly activities.

"We'll be identifying all the things that we do to encourage children and families to be outside and to be active. The city will be working with the committee, school district, and local groups to see all the different things the community does to encourage the kids to get outside," Smith said.