Newly installed binocular viewer will give close-up look at the City of Bridges

HyNoon Kiwanis donated a binocular viewer, installed behind the Bridge View Center.

The Des Moines River, bridges and bald eagles are a few of the things that make Ottumwa a picturesque place to be. Now, there's a new way to view all those things and more, thanks to the HyNoon Kiwanis Club in Ottumwa.

The group used funds raised throughout the year to install a binocular viewer behind the Bridge View Center on the bike trail along the Des Moines River. HyNoon Kiwanis President Sonja Ferrell said the group wanted to purchase something different that the entire community can use to take advantage of the nature around us.

"We want to be able to take advantage of seeing the eagles and also our community is pretty much based around the river and so being able to see that," Ferrell said. "As we work on improving the downtown, we hope the community can see that as well. And then when they come out to the Bridge View Center for different activities, there's something out here to take advantage of as well, or if they're walking along the bike trail here or riding bikes, there's something to pull over for."

HyNoon Kiwanis worked with a company in Connecticut to purchase the viewer, which was installed this week.

It was put at a spot on the trail where it would be easily visible from the bridge and trail and would also offer a great view of the river and downtown.