Nixon proposes changes for Missouri scholarship program

<font size="2">Gov. Nixon is proposing changes to Missouri's Bright Flight college scholarship</font>

Gov. Jay Nixon is proposing changes to Missouri's Bright Flight college scholarship aimed at encouraging top-ranking high school students to remain in the state for college.

Nixon stopped by Truman State University on Monday afternoon to propose adding an additional $5,000 to each scholarship. Students would be eligible to receive that if they agree to pursue employment in Missouri after they graduate.

To be eligible for Bright Flight, students must be a Missouri resident and have a composite score on the ACT or SAT in the top three percent of all students.

Nixon has alotted $15 million in the 2015 fiscal year to cover the cost of the addition. He says it provides a good incentive for top students.

"We're going to continue to press that education's the best economic tool. We start out with those excellent students who have already made a choice to come here and tell them we want them to complete their education here and stay here and help us build an economy of the future."

If the graduate pursues employment outside the state prior to the completion of their commitment, they would have to pay the remaining award back to the state