No clear winner in the Iowa Caucus, but vote is certified with a new leader

A big announcement was made by the Iowa Republican Party Thursday concerning the results of the Iowa caucuses.

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum had the greatest number of votes once all the votes were certified; meaning that Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney did not win the Iowa caucuses.

However, the party did announce that results from eight locations were not counted, being that they were missing, so they declared a tie.

KTVO started to learn of voting irregularities when a member of the party from Appanoose County contacted KTVO saying that their numbers reported online were incorrect, and that too many votes were given to a certain candidate.

Wapello County Chair Trudy Caviness told KTVO Thursday afternoon that accidents like this do happen, but that is why the party uses e-forms to certify the vote.

â??Well somebody miskeys, and this has happened in the past. They post the numbers online, and then once they get the e-forms, they go back to verify the vote. Then they total them and that is the result they reported this morning,â?? said Caviness.

Edward True, the member of the party that alerted KTVO to the irregular numbers told KTVO that he, â??â?¦feels vindicated that the correct numbers finally came out and that they were the right numbers.â??

For Caviness, this was a win â?? win for the Republican Party. The party had a record turnout and also seems to have gotten more young voters involved in the process.

However, KTVO asked Caviness what she thought about the results.

â??Santorum was really declared the winner because he came from so-far behind and had done so well. I donâ??t know if that would have meant more financial donations from it. Anytime itâ??s this close, itâ??s unbelievable,â?? said Caviness.

Officials with the Iowa Republican Party say that the final count of the Iowa caucuses puts Rick Santorum ahead of Mitt Romney by 34 votes, but no winner will be declared because votes from eight precincts are missing.

Romney, the front-runner in the race for the GOP presidential nomination, initially had been considered the winner by 8 votes in the event's closest finish ever.

Iowa Republicans are to announce the tally Thursday morning.

Republican officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to pre-empt the announcement , said Santorum would end up with 29,839 votes to Romney's 29,805.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.