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      No more buying textbooks for college

      Truman State University is launching a new program called "Rent All"

      Thousands of students are preparing to go to college and not only are they paying tuition, they also have to crack open the wallet for textbooks.Truman State University is launching a new program called "Rent All" that will give students the option to rent every textbook in the store.

      Last year, the bookstore had some textbooks for rent and that saved students more than $270,000.â??We have expanded our rental titles and know we are renting almost virtually anything that we can that's not a consumable book,â?? said Manager Steve Pennington. â??So, we have over 800 titles this semester that are available for the students to rent.â??

      Truman is one of 13 campuses across the country offering this program.

      Rent All:

      - Students can rent every textbook, excluding one-time use materials such as workbooks.

      - Students can highlight and take notes in their textbooks within the normal wear and tear associated with coursework.

      - At the end of the semester, students simply return their books to the store.

      - Rental textbooks can also be purchased if a student decides he or she wants to keep the book.