No vaccines, no school? Not necessarily

For this weekâ??s Facebook story our viewers wanted to know; do they have to immunize their children to attend public school?

For the children who attend schools in Missouri, the answer is yes.

Students can not attend school if they are not immunized unless they are exempted.

â??By state law all student are required to be immunized before they attend school,â?? Patrick Williams Kirksville Superintendent said.

â??There are two exceptions. One is for medical reasons. They can obtain a waiver, but thatâ??s required from a doctor. Typically that takes place when a student at a young age has shown an allergic reaction to any kind."

The second waiver provision is for religious reason and a parent would need to provide a request in writing to the school district stating that for religious reasons they do not want their child to be immunized.

Williams said out of the 2,500 students we have in Kirksville, about 20 are receiving a medical waiver and there are approximately 10 who requested the religious waiver.

Students have to be immunized against vaccine-preventable diseases as established by the Department of Health and Senior Services.

According to the Department of Health and Senior Services, â??children of military families shall be given 30 days from the date of enrollment to obtain any required immunization, or initial vaccination for a required series of immunizations.â??

A student who is determined to be homeless by school officials also has 30 days to provide evidence of immunization.

Williams said if your child does not have their current immunization shots, the school will not allow them to register.

You can find more information on the immunization requirements for school children HERE.