No waiting in long lines on Cyber Monday

The excitement of Black Friday may be over but Cyber Monday has a lot of consumers hunched over their computers and credit cards handy.

The deals are only a click away.

Store managers said the big advantage to Cyber Monday is exposure to a lot more items than are actually in stores.

â??It's just a continuation. It's a six or seven days sell as much as you can and thereâ??s some retail chains that see as much in seven days than they do out of six months of the year. We donâ??t have that big of proportion with us but theyâ??re are generally is a lot of sales generated on the cyber portion after the weekend calms down and all the excitement goes away,â?? said Patrick Plaehn, General Manager of Menards.

Plaehn said this is the first year Menards is really making a push on Cyber Monday with deals that cannot be found in the store.

Officials also want to remind people to make sure they make online purchases on secure networks.