Noah's Ark Animal Foundation rescues its 1,000th dog

Mayor Ed Malloy helps board the 1,000th dog on Petsmart's Rescue Waggin.

Noah's Ark Animal Foundation in Fairfield boarded their 1,000th dog to be taken on a life-saving trip to Minnesota Thursday morning.

For five years, Noah's Ark has been sending dogs and puppies on Petsmart Charities Rescue Waggin', a national transport program that takes animals from crowded areas and brings them to shelters across the country where adoptable dogs are more in demand. The Rescue Waggin' participates with 56 animal shelters in 24 states, and more than 57,000 dogs have been taken to loving homes since the program began.

Fairfield Mayor Ed Malloy was on hand to deliver the 1,000th dog to the Rescue Waggin', which marks a milestone for the foundation.

"We've been participants of the Rescue Waggin' since September 2007, so this is going into our fifth year," said Dawn Safrit, Shelter Director. "It's very momentous for us to have 1,000 dogs being loaded and that's what we were doing this morning."

Every month, staff at Noah's Ark select puppies and dogs for the trip, evaluate their behavior and conduct a health exam before they are officially selected for transport. The Rescue Waggin' itself has stainless steel kennels, with mats and towels inside, and can carry up to 50 animals.

For participating in the program, Noah's Ark has gotten over $100,000 in grant money, which they have been able to use for shelter improvements.