Noahâ??s Ark hosts blood drive in honor of young cancer patient

Noah's Ark Blood Drive in honor of Cody Cohen.

On Monday, Noahâ??s Ark Animal Foundation hosted a blood drive in honor of an 18-year-old facing a rare type of blood cancer.

Cody Cohen was diagnosed in December and is finishing his second round of chemo. Once that is complete, he will then be ready for a bone marrow transplant. He will need blood transfusions throughout the course of his treatment. By hosting the blood drive, Noahâ??s Ark hopes to help with the needs that Cody is facing and also meet the needs of many other people.

â??Noahs Ark is all about saving lives,â?? Noahâ??s Ark Animal Foundation Executive Director Dawn Safrit said. â??And so we think it's not only important not only for our dogs and cats, but also for humans, and we hope to help Cody with the needs that he's facing by having the blood drive and we hope that we can help not only with him but others facing maybe the same problems Cody's having.â??

The blood drive wrapped up at 7 p.m. Safrit says one pint of blood donated can help save three lives.