Noah's Ark hosts pet clinic

Veterinarian Bill Pollak used this scanner to detect microchips

The Noah's Ark Animal Foundation hosted a microchip and vaccination clinic Saturday.

Dozens of people stopped by to get their cats and dogs discounted microchips and update their pets' yearly vaccines. Micro-chipping is a minor procedure where a veterinarian simply injects a tiny device between your pet's shoulder blades. It only takes a few seconds just like a shot.

Vaccines ran for $15 each, and pet owners paid $25 for the micro-chipping. The money benefits the animals and programs of the Noah's Ark Animal Foundation.

"The vaccines include DA2PP, rabies, Bordatella, and FERCP for kitties," Noah's Ark Foundation Executive Director Dawn Safrit said. "Our vet doctor Bill Pollak donates his time for us so that's a really nice thing for him to do."

Noah's Ark Animal Foundation is located in Fairfield on 1986 Gear Ave. They host a vaccination and micro-chipping clinic every three months. for more information about the clinic, click here.