Nominate yourself to be a Kirksville Board of Education Member

A special meeting was held at the Kirksville R-III Administration Building today. A number of topics were on the agenda ranging from School board policy revisions to preliminary budgets for next year. The preliminary budget is in good shape and early indicators show no drop in the budget for 2014. The biggest item on the list, however, was the discussion of the appointing and application process needed for the election of a new school board member which will take place May 8th.

â??Well there are two avenues the board will pursue. First they will nominate a potential replacement candidate. Plus also, open it up and invite community members who are interested in applying to do so and any candidate for the board can pick up an application from the Superintendent's Office and return that by May 1st. The board will take this into consideration at the May 8th board meeting,â?? said Patrick Williams Superintendent of Kirksville Schools.

If you would like to nominate yourself for the school board elections, visit the Board of Education Office at 1901 E Hamilton and request an application from the executive secretary.