North East Community Action Corporation out of funds

A community action corporation is offering to help pay for utility shut-off notices.

The North East Community Action Corporation, or NECAC in Macon has been helping the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program pay for utility shut-off notices, which were sent to residents in 12 different counties. LIHEAP helps keep families safe and healthy through initiatives that assist with different energy costs. However, due to the colder weather this winter, NECAC has run out of funds to help pay for those who have received utility shut-off notices for the second time.

"We are no longer able to supply help with our second notice energy bills with our late notices. We are still taking actual applications for the first time energy assistance," said Terri Laughlin, Macon County NECAC Coordinator.

Due to NECAC running out of funds, the Salvation Army and numerous churches in the Macon Area are helping residents who need assistance with their heating and utility bills.