Northeast Regional Medical Center reacts to healthcare decision

It took three years, but Thursday, the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of President Obama's healthcare reform law.

Our cameras got reaction from Northeast Regional Medical Center.

C.E.O. Eric Barber says, he feels like this outcome can be a win-win for patients and the hospital, and he hopes the goal of the bill will be fulfilled.

"Iâ??m hopeful that they accomplish their mission which is expand coverage to all these folks, or have an increased access mainly to preventive healthcare are which is very important," said C.E.O. Eric Barber. First, surprised now, hopeful it accomplishes what it sat out to achieve."

Barber also added, they have anywhere between 10%-15% of their patients come in uninsured.

They have already been implementing changes, with the biggest one being the process called "meaningful use," which is an electronic medical record system that increases portability of patient information.