Not your average day job; Heartland woman makes living as a medium

Dani Lin, Midwest Medium, speaks to a group at the Hotel Ottumwa about her abilities.

Talk about not your normal day job.

Dani Lin, of Iowa City, makes her living as a medium, and she says it all started with intuition.

As a child, she would get hunches and feelings about situations, but adults told her to just ignore it. Then came stronger intuitions, like knowing when to leave a party before the police showed up and knowing when to call family members when something was wrong. Then, Lin's gift turned into something else.

"All of a sudden, I realized I could hear people that aren't here any more," she said. "That's been an adjustment, something to accept and realize that I wasn't crazy".

From medium readings to tarot readings to house cleansings, connecting with spirits is all in a day. But what about those people who just don't believe?

"I tell them that's okay," Lin said. "It's not my job to make you believe, I can't make you believe and until you experience it, it's not your job to believe me. So I tell people who are skeptical, skepticism is good, it protects you. Because there are people out there who may be trying to take advantage of you."

Lin said she's had several readings that have stuck out to her, moments she calls her "fall off the chair moments". Sometimes a reading makes absolutely no sense to her, but it makes complete sense to the person she's reading for.

We wanted to see for ourselves, so we had Dani do what she calls a "personal reading" for KTVO's Kamady Rey. Dani was able to gauge aspects of Kamady's personality and retrieve details about her family and life.

"You're up all the time, you're just the happiest person in the world," Lin said. "It's not just that you're excited now, I feel like you're excited all the time. It's just like you just really enjoy life right now. You're up all the time, people are like, 'do you ever calm down?' And you're like, 'why?'"

Lin does personal and medium readings in person and over the phone, as well as tarot readings and house investigations, but what is her favorite part of the job?

"That I'm helping people," she said. "Every reading I do, it's some kind of a healing thing, it helps them find closure, it helps them heal, it helps them come to terms with things that had not been dealt with before and just being able to be that medium from above and here is such a gift and I hope it's never taken away from me."

You can find more information about Lin and her mediumship at her website, here.