November deemed National Diabetes Awareness Month

November is deemed National Diabetes Awareness Month, and KTVO spoke with a Heartland doctor about what you can do to decrease your risk.

An internal medicine doctor at Ottumwa Regional Health Center's Haas Building frequently sees patients with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, but he says Type Two is the most common and the most preventable form of the disease. While some risk factors like family history are beyond your control, others have to do with the lifestyles we lead.

â??The biggest one is genetics, so if your mother or father had diabetes, that does increase your risk, Dr, Sandro Younadam, MD said. â??The second would be obesity. If your BMI is over 30, that's considered obese, and that puts you at high risk, especially if your weight is centered in your abdomen, so that's central obesity; other metabolic disorders sometimes increase your risk.â??

He says the best ways to prevent diabetes is to be proactive about your health. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, cut out sugary drinks, and exercise three days a week. You are also urged to get screened early if you have a family history