Novinger gets formal top others for bettering itself

One northeast Missouri city was formally awarded for their big accomplishments Tuesday evening.

The city of Novinger received honors from the Missouri Community Betterment Organization at the Adair County R-I School Library for receiving 1st Place in Youth Group and 1st Place in Community Betterment Overall.

The Missouri Community Betterment Organization gives awards every year to communities across the state of Missouri that work hard to improve their environment.

Jan Simon, the executive director of the organization says she is very proud of Novinger and its people for coming together to make this town a better place to live.

"I'm so happy that this group has gotten up and being really active in what they are doing with the youth group and the community. I have watched them grow, and the projects that they have done it's just so wonderful. Winning both the community and youth group at the same time. That's quite an accomplishment for a community to do that," Simon said.

In order to win the awards, the city had to keep documentation on projects they did to help improve Novinger's way of living.

The city of Novinger is already planning other community improvement projects for the future.

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