Novinger has big plans for new year

A new year means making new improvements, and one local community is doing just that.

The city of Novinger has big plans for 2014 to not only improve the community, but also the surrounding area.

Novinger has recently upgraded its wastewater treatment plant to comply with the requirements of the Department of Natural Resources and the Environmental Protection Agency. The $85,000 upgrade was funded entirely by taxpayers living in Novinger.

The community has also received a Community Development Block Grant, which Novinger has been working to get for 3 years. That grant will be used to demolish blighted properties in Novinger.

"By removing the houses that have been in the condition that they are in, it will open up opportunities for other new housing to come in, and we are really looking forward to cleaning up our town," said Mayor Jeff Dodson.

In all, 16 houses and 2 commercial properties in Novinger will be demolished this year to make way for new housing opportunities. The city of Novinger has received numerous awards in the past for the different efforts taken to help improve and better the community.